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Kraig J. Abe, O.D., F.A.A.O., F.I.A.O.M.C.

Fellow, American Academy of Optometry (F.A.A.O.)
Fellow, American Academy of Orthokeratology & Myopia Control (F.I.A.O.M.C.)

Our goal is to provide excellence in eye care services and products. We pledge to make your vision needs our priority. We provide comprehensive care including eye examinations, medical eye services, orthokeratology/corneal reshaping, contact lens services, and refractive surgery comanagement. We utilize state-of-the-art ocular technology, and constantly strive for the highest profesional standards in everything we do while maintaining a friendly, personal atmosphere.

With the growing myopia epidemic, we are also proud to continue to offer myopia managment strategies targeting children and adults with the goal of slowing or stopping the progression of this potentially sight-threatening condition, which is the most common cause of impaired vision in people under age 40.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you.

**UPDATE June 5, 2023:

ANNOUNCEMENT: If you are suffering from migraines, we may have a solution for you. If you are interested, please let us know and we can follow-up with you in the upcoming weeks. Please stay tuned. Thank you.


We apologize for delays with glasses and contact lens orders. Supply and manufacturing times have been taking longer than expected for the past several months. We appreciate your patience with us.


If you need to contact us by email, please send all email to or We have been informed that with some email services, our emails have gone directly to the spam folder. Please check there if you are awaiting an email from us that you did not receive. We apologize for this. An alternative email is


We continue to take the precautions to maintain a safe office environment. We provide and have been using non-toxic and extremely safe sanitizers in touchless dispensers that are effective against viruses and bacteria. We also utilize UV-C light boxes for disinfection of glasses and other appropriate office equipment. In addition, we run several air purifiers throughout the office and with the use of an air quality meter we monitor for toxins in the air during all office hours.

Please excuse our office appearance as we are still in the process of remodelling. Thank you for your patience with us.


Dr. Abe and staff.

当面は月曜日、水曜日、金曜日の主に午後が診察時間になります。 院内の人数を制限する為、ご予約のある方だけが入っていただけます(眼鏡やコンタクトレンズのピックアップの方も同様です)。 フロントドアは診察時間内も施錠されておりますので、ご予約にいらっしゃいましたら当院のテキストライン 669-255-6288にテキストでその旨お知らせ下さい。 もしくはメインの番号 408-252-3662にお電話いただいても結構です。 皆様のご理解、ご協力をお願い致します。 ドクター安部オフィス

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